Introducing: The World's First Rinsing Neck Pad (Patent Pending)

Highly rated by THOUSANDS of happy hair professionals

Watch The Short Video Below To See How It Works

How-to-Use Video

✅ Works With These Style Sinks:

Standard / American style sinks (vertical or close-to-vertical neck area)

❌ Does NOT Work With These Sinks:

“European” style sinks with very shallow angle at neck area

No More Accidental Back Soaks

Rinsing the back of a client’s neck is always a challenge… until now. No need to lift the client's head. Simply rinse for 5 seconds and you're done. Introducing the world’s very first neck pad that rinses out color and shampoo. No more repositioning.

  • No Plumbing

    Takes 5 seconds to install to your sink. Works with your existing sprayer!

  • Silicone Gel

    Your clients will enjoy a premium silicone gel cushion with therapeutic spray rinse… It feels amazing!

Highly rated by hundreds of happy hair professionals

No plumbing. No fuss. Takes 5 seconds to set up.


Fits all spray nozzles

Our neck rinsing pad fits standard "American" salon sinks with a vertical or close-to-vertical neck area.

For “European” style sinks with a very shallow angle at the neck area, there is risk of leakage and is thus not recommended (but we have a new European version coming soon).


What sets us apart

The One and Only!

We are the one and only neck-rinsing pad within the Milky Way Galaxy!

Comfort Gel Material

We use Comfort gel material which provides a soft and pliable substance used to provide cushioning and support.

Water Inlet

Water inlets are an essential component of our neck pads, and play a critical role in delivering clean, safe water.

No-slip Suction

No-slip suction technology we use is an effective and convenient way to create a strong, non-slip grip on smooth surfaces.


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