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Filtered Salon Sink Sprayer

Filtered Salon Sink Sprayer

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Welcome to Rinsology's newest salon innovation - the Detox Sprayer with interchangeable spray heads. USE COUPON CODE RINSOSPA30 for $30 off! 


The salon sink sprayer is a familiar tool, its purpose being to cleanse your clients' hair from product residues. But what if this simple tool could do more than just rinse? What if it could detoxify, soften, and revitalize your clients' hair, all while providing an aesthetic touch to your salon?

Meet the Detox Sprayer, a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. With our innovative design, we've repurposed the classic sink sprayer to not just dispense water, but to purify and soften it. Our unique filtration system uses three types of balls - mineral, energy, and anion - all enclosed within the bulb portion of the sprayer, easily accessible and simple to replace. The result is chlorine-free, soft water that leaves your clients’ hair feeling smooth, soft, and revitalized, keeping their natural oils balanced for a healthier and more satisfying salon experience.



The Detox Sprayer is more than just a tool - it's an artistic expression that adds character to your salon. Unlike the clunky, generic designs of other salon sprayers, our Detox Sprayers are sleek, ergonomic, and designed to match your salon's aesthetic. With our custom hose, you can easily interchange sprayer heads based on your preference.

Introducing our three different style series:

Chakra Series: Designed with a nod to the spiritual tradition of chakras, this series features a vibrant display of chakra stones contained within a central "orgonite" pyramid. This decorative holder, designed to be set on a table surface or hung on a wall, doubles as a storage system for your sprayer heads, becoming an engaging piece of art in your salon.

Eco Series: Our Eco Series embraces the tranquility of nature. The hexagon wall-mounted holder adorned with artificial succulents, combined with the earthy tones of our sprayer heads, gives your salon a refreshing, ecological ambiance.

Pretty-in-Pink Series: Celebrate femininity with our Pretty-in-Pink Series. With its heart-shaped wall decoration and elegant pink sprayer heads, this series adds a splash of color and a dash of charm to your salon.

Each set includes:

  • Four interchangeable sprayer heads
  • Stainless steel hose
  • Decorative holder that serves as both an art piece and a practical storage system.

Revolutionize your salon with our Detox Sprayer - because your clients deserve more than just a rinse. They deserve a rejuvenating experience, and you deserve a salon that stands out.


Orange balls (Ceramic):

  • Increase water pH, balancing scalp pH levels
  • Add beneficial minerals to water that can contribute to hair health
  • Help improve hair texture and shine

Black balls (Tourmaline):

  • Generate negative ions, reducing frizz and promoting smoother, shinier hair
  • Can help reduce oxidative damage, protecting hair color and health

White balls (Maifan Stone or similar):

  • Infuse water with various microelements, beneficial for hair strength and health
  • Help restore natural mineral balance, improving hair health and luster

General benefits:

  • Reduce chlorine and impurities in water, reducing scalp irritation and dryness
  • Soften water, leading to smoother, softer hair
  • Improve overall rinsing experience, leaving hair cleaner and more refreshed

Untreated water from your salon's shampoo bowls can be harsh on your clients’ hair. It's often laden with chlorine and other impurities that can strip the natural oils from hair, leaving it frizzy, brittle, and damaged. Not to mention the possible imbalance of the scalp's pH level, causing dryness, itchiness, and flaky dandruff.

Without the gentle ionizing effect of our Tourmaline balls, hair may not receive the negative ions needed to combat frizz and promote smoother, shinier locks. And the absence of beneficial minerals from our Ceramic and Maifan Stone balls could mean your clients are missing out on elements that strengthen and nourish their hair.

Don't risk your clients' hair health and their satisfaction with your service. Equip your shampoo bowls with our filter balls to soften water, balance pH, and provide an infusion of beneficial minerals. With our filter balls, you can assure your clients that you're not just washing their hair, but nourishing it, one rinse at a time.

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