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Replacement Filter Balls

Replacement Filter Balls

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Detox Sprayer Filter Ball Replacements

-Enough balls to fill 4 sprayer heads (a full set of detox sprayers)

Pure & Gentle:
Elevate your salon experience with our state-of-the-art filter balls, designed specifically for your Detox Sprayer sets. Crafted meticulously to purify your water, every rinse is as refreshing and beneficial as nature intended.

Chlorine-Free Luxury:
Say goodbye to the harsh touch of chlorine. These filter balls neutralize and remove chlorine, offering your scalp, skin, and hair the gentle care they deserve.

Soft Water, Softer Hair:
Hard water can be harsh on hair, leading to dryness, breakage, and a lack of shine. Our filter balls soften the water, bringing back your hair's natural glow.

Threefold Purity:
Harness the power of mineral balls, energy balls, and anion balls working in harmony. Experience comprehensive water purification for unrivaled purity.

Maintenance Made Simple:
To ensure the pinnacle of water purification, we recommend replacing your filter balls every three months. It's a minor step with major benefits, guaranteeing you always enjoy the detoxifying advantages of our advanced filtration system.

Artistry Meets Technology:
Our filter balls are more than just functional; they're designed to complement the aesthetic elegance of the Detox Sprayer range, allowing you to seamlessly merge beauty with cutting-edge water purification.

Your Health, Our Priority:
With reduced exposure to potential contaminants and a commitment to cleaner water, you're not only investing in better skin and hair but your overall well-being.

Discover the Difference:
Revitalize your rinsing ritual. Experience the transformative power of pure, softened water with our premium filter ball replacements for your Detox Sprayer sets

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