How to use your Neck Rinsing Pad


Water squirts out with high pressure! 

Do not test or use without using a client’s neck, color bowl, or your own hand.  


  • Clean and de-grease surface of shampoo bowl where the neck pad and suction cups will be placed. Ensure that all oils / conditioners or soapy buildup is thoroughly removed from your shampoo bowl. Dry completely.
  • Install the Rinsology neck pad into your sink. Press down in the center of the pad while also pressing down on the suction cup area, ensuring a good, tight fit. Take your time, as this can be tricky at first. 
  • Note: When installing/removing suction cups, do not pull! Simply release the cup suction by using your fingertip/nail or the tip of a rat tail comb (to avoid damaging the suction cup).

  • Attach the water inlet in your sink anywhere you like. We recommend the bottom of your sink so you can lean into it if necessary. Be sure to disconnect the hose from your water inlet at the end of each day to allow water to drain. 


  • Ensure that ONLY the client’s neck comes in contact with the pad, and make sure the hairline is “south of center” of the pad. 

  • Set water temp to your liking. To rinse, simply press your sprayer against the inlet. Some spray back is normal. The harder your push, the more pressure and water flow is generated. Some Back-spray is normal and exists for safety reasons! 
  • Press for 3-5 seconds, and release and continue rinsing the entire head as usual. Fold the client’s ears back and spray those corners, and go back to the inlet and flush the neck again. 
  • Shampoo as usual, and when ready to wash the neck, use upward strokes to encourage all soap and color to go UP.
  • While the client’s head is up, this is the time to take a paper towel to wipe off the pad if it needs, as well as the client’s lower neck. 
  • Final rinse: Repeat step 4 


  • Instruct the client to NOT assist you by lifting their head, but to relax and keep their neck on the pad.
  • Turning left-to-right is OK if desired.


  • My neck pad is spraying out in a straight line across the room! Is something wrong? 
  • No, nothing is wrong. When a client’s neck is covering the pad, the water will scatter as intended! 
  • The water inlet is too small for my sprayer – my sprayer doesn’t fit / falls right out!
  • Don’t worry, your sprayer is not meant to “snap” into the water inlet. Simply hold your sprayer against the inlet (for a few seconds) to allow water to pass through, and let go when you’re done!


1-2% of clients with “hunchback” or spine / neck alignment issues may not work well with this product. 

It’s better to not use the water feature with these clients. 


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